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John Witherspoon is a legend in the comedy world. His friendship with David Letterman goes back to their early beginnings at The Comedy Store and he was a regular at Richard Pryor‘s Sunday BBQs (where John recalled Sammy Davis Jr. pulling up in a limo, wearing a tux… obviously not ready to play basketball).

And he has the most quotable characters of all time.

In honor of John’s upcoming weekend at Helium Comedy Club, we plucked out a few of our favorites:

The line that is repeated back to him the most:

What can make this clip better? News that Last Friday is currently in production. Grab a burrito and celebrate!

Everyone gotta eat!  (Sidenote; during our interview John learned that Ice Cube “borrowed” this line for Boyz n the Hood)

Hos Gotta Eat Too

Uploaded by Welder on 2016-05-04.

Casey uses this multiple times a day week: 

Fun Fact: This whole scene (like the Bang! Bang! Bang! above) was improvised

Not a movie, but John’s rejected-from-the-Food-Network-for-not-wearing-a-shirt-cooking-show is full of gems like, “don’t let nobody know what your drink out the jelly jar!” Cooking for Poor People:

Thanks for stopping by, Crazy Eyes:

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