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Not Your Average Listener is back with a new sponsor and a new theme song:

Thanks Dr. Genter. 

Today’s story is supersonic… and explosive. Let’s begin with the submission:

My boyfriend Dave and his cousin Jeff are gear heads with full time day jobs. Oh and they built a street legal amphibious helicopter. They dont just wrench, they build crazy race cars for 24 Hours of Lemons a tongue and cheek version of the French Race. They have also built a road legal airplane, an upside down Camero, and about 20 other crazy cars. As I write this we are driving to Kentucky for a race this weekend. They build is something u need to see to believe. The Trippy Tippy Hippy Van. They do the build un Maryland but Dave and I are in West Depford. As loyal listeners i thought you guys would appreciate the creativity and crazy.

We would love to show u guys the insanity:

So Dave is here, what where is Jeff?

On the way to the studio this morning there was a little “incident”


Got on the road before 3 a.m. this morning to take the #TrippyTippyHippyVan, the #SpiritofLeMons, and the #SpeedyCopter to #WMMR in Philadelphia for the #PrestonandSteve show this morning. We made it...

RIP Speedycopter 

Update: The Speedy Cop team has been voted Not Your Average Listeners!

Live on the air they graciously double the $250 from Dr. Bruce Genter and donated it to charity. These guys ROCK!

Listen to our interview with Dave & Jeff (on the phone) on today’s podcast

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