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Late Nights Midnight - 5:30AM

You’re leaving the baseball game, a couple of guys are on the street playing Pearl Jam songs. Do you stop and watch or keep walking? (maybe throw a dollar in the hat as you pass)

Well most people in this video did the latter and what they missed was Eddie Vedder jamming with a group of street musicians in front of Wrigley. According to The Pearl Jam front man had just taken in the Cubs game and asked the guitarist to share his axe for a few songs.

Eddie played instrumental versions of “Corduroy” & the Who’s “The Seeker” for anyone who would listen. And judging by the video, it wasn’t many people.


In this Instagram video from Jack James Mckee’s account, you can watch as Eddie crosses the street, gives a few guitar chord pointers and dishes out a few hugs, too. (Side note, don’t mess with Eddie’s security guard).

And here’s Eddie with those street musicians:

Instagram post by Jack James Mckee * Sep 17, 2017 at 3:29pm UTC

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Remember this story this next time you walk but the guy playing “Eye of The Tiger” on the sax outside the Eagles game or a violinist at the train station.