Jenny Bones is on our Hottie Cam today. Why? She's awesome! And she has these...

Jenny Bones is known for her amazing abilities as a tattoo artist. Check out a lot of work, including many photos from Tattoosday, on her Instagram page:

Impressive, right? We agree! And yet, for some strange and unknown reason, THIS photo seems to be one of the most popular posts in her feed...

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Courtesy of our friend, Dr. Bruce Genter, Jenny is on our Hottie Cam TODAY!

• Jenny had very specific goals for results, including her appearance when standing as well as when lying down. Dr. Genter listened carefully, spent the time and found the best implant to fit her anatomy. And now you can set up a consultation for your BBG (Body By Genter) today with the good doctor!

• After her surgery, Jenny was swollen and had concerns about the implant size she had chosen, but she was extremely pleased with Dr. Genter’s overall support. Throughout the entire process, he continued to assure her that when the swelling goes down she will be the shape and size she expected and yes, she was thrilled with the final result!

Check out before and after pictures HERE.

• Just like Jenny approaches tattoos with an artistic vision, Dr. Genter approaches surgery the same way, never forgetting that he is a doctor first and treats the whole person, not just an isolated part of the body.

Set up your consultation for your BBG today at!


Thanks for making our morning a little brighter, Jenny!

@_jenny_bones hanging out on the #hottiecam this morning. Visit to read about her transformation. #drgenter #beforeandafter

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