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Nirvana’s In Utero was released 24 years ago today (September 21), and while the album was an incredible statement as the follow-up to the massive Nevermind, no one thought it would ever be the band’s final studio release.

What makes In Utero stand out is that it might be one of rock’s greatest examples of not resting on your laurels. The sheer darkness of the album’s subject matter is evidence of that alone.

More than anything, In Utero was the sound of a band doubling down on who they were in the face of massive fame, and there are few things more rebellious and uncompromising than that.  We all wish this wasn’t the final studio album from Nirvana, but what a way to go out.

Nirvana In Utero Video Playlist – Tracklist

“Serve The Servants” (Live On “Tunnel” – Rome, Italy – 1994)
“Heart-Shaped Box” (Official Music Video)
“Rape Me” (Live And Loud Rehearsal – Seattle – 1993)
“Pennyroyal Tea” (Live And Loud Rehearsal – Seattle – 1993)
“Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (Live In Munich, Germany – 1994)
“Tourette’s” (Live At Reading 1992)
“All Apologies” (MTV Unplugged)


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