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Is the letter Z associated with the color lime green in your mind? Do you see the number 3 as a light orange color with a purple hue? When Nick McIlwain talks on the radio does his voice make you taste chocolate & caramel?

This is how Not Your Average Listener Kevin McBride experiences the world. He has a unique condition called synesthesia which causes all of his senses to constantly mix and influence each other.

Listen to Kevin explain exactly how he perceives the connections between sights, tastes & sounds. We also discuss the exact moment in High School when he realized this isn’t “normal” and solid confirmation that this is not some crazy, permanent drug trip:

It’s no surprise, people synesthesia are drawn towards creative lives. Billy Joel and Marilyn Monroe are among the most famous musicians and artists with the condition.  Kevin is on that list too, check out this beautiful visualization he created:


For my graphic design senior thesis project I created this motion graphic video, which explains and visualizes my synesthesia. © Kevin McBride. All rights reserved.

Kevin shared his story, but it was the listeners who voted him a Not Your Average Listener. Thanks for your votes!

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