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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 04: Kanye West performs during Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour at Madison Square Garden on September 4, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Live Nation)

An Aqua-Man-type character depicted as “Seamen” brings a child to help Kanye West‘s “Gay Fish” parody to assist getting his mom into heaven.

As we know, an episode of South Park from 2009 depicted Kanye West as a “Gay Fish,” and it became a staple of the comedic relevance of that time.

(Video NSFW Language)


The part that makes this awkward is the fact that Kanye West had created a game back in 2016 called “Only One,” where you assist Donda West in an attempt to get her into heaven. Between riding a unicorn/Pegasus and sprouting her own wings, the game is a little overboard, but you get the gist.

Here’s a video of the unreleased game, if you haven’t seen it:


Well, South Park’s game ‘The Fractured But Whole’ shows a more “racist” depiction of Donda, having gold hoop earrings, red lipstick, and the classic trope of “Whatever you say, baby” dialogue. She is also a fish.  It is never noted in the game that it is “Donda,” but we can see the lines.

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Judging by the fact that the Kanye character did appear in an episode in 2013 as a “recovering Gay Fish,” maybe they reached out to him prior?…. But we doubt it, which is probably why he is a full-fledged fish now, instead of dressing like Aquaman and being depicted AS KANYE WEST.

(Video NSFW Language)


The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 17.


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