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So you’ve downloaded iOS 11 … now what?!

Well, it turns out the software update comes with some pretty nifty hidden features you’re going to want to use.

You can thank us later.

So how come you haven’t noticed these new features yet? …Because some are not all that intuitive, rather you’d need a good deal of free time to come across these gems.

Without further ado, here are the hidden features:

One Handed Keyboard

You now have the ability to use a one-handed keyboard. Tap and hold down the globe icon and hit either the left or right keyboard. You can also tap on either side to switch back to the normal keyboard.

Hidden Camera For Level Photos

If you can’t seem to take a level photo, this feature is for you! Just go to settings, tap on camera, and then tap on the grid option. When you go to take your next picture, use the grid feature to level out that photo.

Record Your Screen

You now also have the opportunity to record your iPhone screen. Pretty cool, right? Just go to settings, tap on control center and customize controls. Next, add the screen recording feature to your control center. If you swipe up, you can record your screen. Tap the record button again when you’re finished recording and the video will be available to view in your photos.

Storage Options

You can also optimize the storage on your iPhone. Just go to settings, general, and iPhone storage and you will see that you can optimize your photos or you can do away with unused apps.

Share Wifi Passwords

Sharing means caring. If your friend would like to hop onto your wifi, you can send them the password directly to their phone. You’ll receive a message that your friend would like to join your wifi network. This feature is only functional if both phones have been updated to iOS 11.

You can watch a video about the hidden features on Business Insider.

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