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What’s cooler: Opening up for Jimmy Buffett or playing the radio station you grew up listening to?

For Garrett Dutton aka, G. Love it may have been (we hope it was) the first time he played live on 93.3 WMMR, Philadelphia. It didn’t hurt that the interview was with Preston & Steve – morning guys he had hung out with since their days on (the now defunct) 103.9 WDRE and Y100. He even talked about parting with legendary MMR DJ, Pierre Robert just that past weekend after the sold out show at Citizens Bank Park.

This historic interview happened right before G dropped his album Superhero Brother on Jack Johnson’s label, Brushfire Records.  He debuted his song “Peace, Love and Happiness” with that iconic harmonic and guitar sound we all love.

Then we reminisced; about shopping at Fat Jack’s comic book store on Samson Street, that time Preston took a dump in G’s bathroom, crazy R. Kelly experiences, MySpace and countless invites to play peoples weddings.

Stop the show: Did G. Love sing the song for We discuss.

Did you know Garett wrote “Cold Beverages” when he was 19 yrs old, waiting for the breaks to get changed on his 1963 Dodge Dart? He played the song that had been cut for time at the concert and, oh, and we clarified that the chorus is “I like cold beverage, yeah” not cold beverageS. “C’mon, who would say that?”

Flashback to this feel good interview and performance with G. Love: