“Hey Preston, hey Steve, how are you doing?”

James Taylor is the nicest guy ever – even after we played his cameo from The Simpsons during the intro “that was amazing listening to that clip (laughs) it’s been a long time.”

With a guitar in hand, the singer explained the story behind “Fire & Rain,” written after his dear friend took her own life. The beautiful and meaningful song holds a lot of pride for James, plus “it’s the song that pretty much introduced me to the audience that I have still today.”

We all look up to James Taylor, who does he look up to? Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles top his list, that is why he cover some of these artists and more on the album Covers.

Then the crowning joy moment… we got to play a clip of Casey singing “Carolina in My Mind” during a late night karaoke session. It’s hilarious, even James got a kick out of it. He briskly cleansed the pallet with his own rendition right there on our show. Take a listen:

Ps, James Taylor is a big fan of Kathy Romano! (who isn’t?!)