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Friday night Marc Summers – in true Marc Summers fashion – premieres his new documentary, On You Marc, at The Trocadero. The over the top game show host who spent decades dodging green slime didn’t settle for a quiet film screening, instead he has put together the ultimate event. Guests will be plucked out of the audience for Double Dare-like games, party with bands, Uncle Jake and the 18 Wheel Gang and Camp Out for Hunger regulars, Chico’s Vibe and so much more.

But what exactly are we to expect from this movie? Marc stopped by The Preston & Steve Show on Wednesday morning to share all the dirty details. “I have video taped every moment of my career,” that’s why the movie opens up with Bob Barker introducing a 21 year old Marc Berkowitz circa 1973. And with that, the stories began… Jerry Lewis, Bert Reynolds, Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, Richard Gere…  Listen to them all:

On Your Marc is a lot of Double Dare, Food Network, Philly… and following a 65 year old man who thinks he can still do a one man show.

The best thing about Marc is that he’s an open book. He lives by the motto, “just tell the truth”: no story is taboo, not everyone in Hollywood is a nice person and he’s honest about it all.

It was then that Marc brought up an interesting point: sometimes you don’t want to meet your heroes because… well… they could be a dick. It happened to him as a youth: Backstage at the “Mike Douglas Show”, he approached the host, his idol, and Mike yelled right in his face “I don’t have time for you!” That being said, Marc walks around talking guests after the film, takes photos and yes, he gets a kick out of seeing your old DD memorabilia.

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Friday, October 13 at The Trocadero [LINK]

Bonus: Marc made a surprise appearance on our weekly check in on Fox 29

The Preston & Steve Show

SURPRISE!!! Mike Jerrick FOX 29 & Alex Holley FOX 29 were not expecting this cameo during our weekly FOX 29 check in....