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No, really…that headline isn’t hyperbole. 

Due out November 17 is a new greatest hits collection from Green Day titled Greatest Hits:  God’s Favorite Band.

For those questioning how the band may have settled on that title, it comes from when they appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and “God” appeared in the ceiling of The Ed Sullivan Theater and declared that Green Day was his favorite band.  (Haven’t seen it?  Watch it here.  It’s f*cking charming!)

Green Day’s latest greatest hits compilation features 22 tracks, including a new song called “Back In The USA” and a duet version of “Ordinary World” featuring Miranda Lambert.

God’s Favorite Band is currently available for pre-order at GreenDay.com and features various merch bundles some of which include prayer candles that are equal parts awesome and blasphemous.

In other words:  They’ll make for excellent holiday presents!

Green Day – Greatest Hits:  God’s Favorite Band – Tracklist

  1. 2000 Light Years Away
    2. Longview
    3. Welcome To Paradise
    4. Basket Case
    5. When I Come Around
    6. She
    7. Brain Stew
    8. Hitchin’ a Ride
    9. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
    10. Minority
    11. Warning
    12. American Idiot
    13. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    14. Holiday
    15. Wake Me Up When September Ends
    16. Know Your Enemy
    17. 21 Guns
    18. Oh Love
    19. Bang Bang
    20. Still Breathing
    21. Ordinary World (feat Miranda Lambert)
    22. Back In The USA

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