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Summer of Love is over and Cuffing Season is upon us. If you don’t know what that means, then study this list ASAP! Listen to our hilarious interpretations of the terms as you follow along:

Autumn Dating Buzzwords


This is when someone has already ghosted his or her way out of a relationship – but then tries to come back. An example of this would be an ex who mysteriously vanished suddenly liking a picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


It’s happened to everyone at some point or another. Someone’s read your messages, but never actually responds.It’s disappointing to see the double blue tick on WhatsApp, but never see those three little dots showing they’re typing back…


A sapiosexual is a person who values intelligence over all other qualities in a potential partner. These people are more likely to rate your conversational skills, over what you look like.


This is a term that most people will be familiar with by now. It’s when a person cuts off all communication, ending the relationship without spelling it out. It can happen when you’ve met up a few times, or even after things get serious.   

Slow Fade

This is where someone gradually backs away from a potential relationship, but doesn’t cut all ties immediately.


As in, ‘Stop being so amatonormative!’ This is the assumption that all singletons want to be in a monogamous relationship – and that they would be better off in one.  


This is when someone leaves a trail of small but flirtatious messages for a potential date, with no intention of meeting. They seem very complimentary, tempting you with crumbs of attention, but plans just never get made.


This is likely to happen when someone is dating more than one person at a time. It’s when someone agrees to a date, before rescheduling – probably on more than one occasion. They’ll keep their options open and literally put a potential date on the ‘bench’ – where there might be several others waiting. 

Cuffing Season

This is the time of year when ‘Netflix and chill’ comes into play. It’s that cold period between October and February when staying in – and ‘cuffing’ yourself to one other person – is more appealing than going out.


A person who is demisexual needs a strong emotional connection with someone, before feeling sexually attracted to them.  


This term is used to describe the over-the-top hype of marriage and coupling. ‘I just can’t deal with the matrimania of wedding season,’ one might say. 

On a thing

You might have heard of ‘having a thing’, but now ‘on a thing’ is the official term for describing how you’re casually dating someone.   


Peacocking itself is not a new term, but in the modern dating world it refers to someone who dresses up on social media – or even in real life – to get the attention of someone else.   

Sliding into his/her DMs

This is another term that will be familiar to many. It’s when someone tries to flirt by moving the conversation to direct messages.