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The moment Richard Lewis stepped out of the studio Preston proclaimed, “I LOVE THAT MAN.” Steve was quick to agree, “there’s a difference between someone who can be funny and someone who is funny. Richard Lewis is funny.”

If you missed any moment of our interview with the comedian who is in town at Helium Comedy Club, then do yourself a favor and take a listen:

Did you know that Richard and Larry David were born the same hospital three days apart? They were literally born to be friends and it shows on screen in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Once Richard started talking about his childhood friend, more stories started pouring out: Bruce Springsteen writing a “Curb” love letter with Ben Franklin’s quill pen… Ozzy Osbourne‘s house decorated with candles as tall as Wilt Chamberlain… 2 year wait to get Jamie Lee Curtis into bed… David Brenner‘s career advice… what’s it’s like doing stand up in front of your proctologist… and the one joke that works with either Dwight Eisenhower or Katy Perry

But what did Larry think of that letter from Bruce? “Yeah, it’s nice.” These 30 minutes with Richard were like our own personal “Curb” episode.

Final lessons: Richard did not have a pet parrot. Larry did not give Richard a kidney. Nick’s a moron. It’s a TV show.

Yes, Richard Lewis said those statements, in that order, but don’t worry, he and Nick are cool now.  This only touches the surface of what we talked about, if you aren’t already listening then you’re missing out!

Wow. @TheRichardLewis called me a moron today and then fist bumped me after the interview. AND he said my name. What an honor! Pretty sure I can retire now...

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