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ICYMI: Listen to Claude Giroux on The Preston & Steve Show


In 2007: “I was twenty and lucky to play with good players: Mike Richards, Jeff Carter,  Danny Brière, Simon Gagné. To think, I’m the old guy now.” Claude Giroux is 29 years old.

He has come a long way from the young guy who was scared to call into a radio station and waiting 18 games into the season to score. However excited you were to see Claude’s goal in Game #1 this year, times that by a million and that’s how he felt.

“We’re off to a good start right now, it’s not like the other years… it’s a little more motivating right now.” Agreed.

So what are the Flyers saying in the locker room about the other teams? “We were just talking about that; the Sixers are going to have a great year…
the Phillies were good at the end of the season and the Eagles are playing some good football.” It’s so cool to hear your hockey captain immersing himself into the local sports scene and converting his fiancee (see video below)

While we were on the topic Claude took a moment to brag about his Fantasy Team. On his roster: Matt Ryan, Leonard Fournette and Dez Bryant, a good mix that is doing pretty well. You know whose team is not doing well? Brian Elliott. The boys have a team league and G was quick to call out his goalie’s 1 – 6 record.  All in good fun of course.

Good luck this season, fellas.  Let’s go Flyers