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TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - FEBRUARY 17: An employee serves a portion of Kentucky Fried Chicken and chips at the international chain's local franchise February 17, 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Officials are trying to reassure consumers that it is safe to eat well cooked poultry following the discovery of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu in swans in Europe. According to the Times newspaper of London, viruses are reportedly destroyed by cooking for at least one minute at 75C (167F) or higher. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

From The Bizarre Files:

Whoever runs KFC’s Twitter account deserves a raise, and whoever caught on to their stunt, a medal… or Fill-Ups for life!

Twitter user,  @edgette22 sent out this message that went viral with 319K+ ReTweets: 

   . follows 11 people.

   Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb.

   11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this.

Yup. It’s true. Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger & Posh make up the spices and a news producer, L.A.’s City Council President, an MMA fighter, a trumpeter, Santa Clara University’s head coach & a Green Bay Packer fill out the rest.

No word from the company on how the special Herbs were selected, but they have reached out to to most of the guys in regards to their  new found viral-stardom.

Bonus: Did you know the Chicago Tribune got their hands on what they think is Col Sanders’ secret recipe last year? Give it a try:

11 Spices – Mix With 2 Cups White Fl.

1) 2/3 Ts Salt

2) 1/2 Ts Thyme

3) 1/2 Ts Basil

4) 1/3 Ts Origino (sic)

5) 1 Ts Celery Salt

6) 1 Ts Black Pepper

7) 1 Ts Dried Mustard

8) 4 Ts Paprika

9) 2 Ts Garlic Salt

10) 1 Ts Ground Ginger

11) 3 Ts White Pepper