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CADGWITH, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 05: Fisherman Nick Casely holds up a fish he has just caught as he takes part in the final Cadgwith Cove fortnightly fishing competition of the year, in Cadgwith on September 5, 2013 in Cornwall, England. The summertime competition to catch the heaviest fish of a chosen type, (for this final the fish was bass) allows locals and visitors the chance to fish for fun and a cash prize, with the catch cooked in a pot at the end of the night on some occasions. Set on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall, the village of Cadgwith, which was established in medieval times, owes its existence to the fishing industry. However, whilst fishing remains an important part of village life today, tourism is also now a major source of income for the inhabitants. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Remember when the Big Mouth Billy Bass took over the world? Then six months later when it became the most annoying invention of all time and and they all got trashed.

Well, one guy held on to his and finally found a “practical” application for the gag gift nearly 20 years after the first one was sold. Graphic Designer Brian Kane hooked a Big Mouth Billy Bass up to an Amazon Echo essentially making it a speaker for the device. GENIUS!


Now, everyone read this out loud: Alexa, enable MMR… Alexa, play MMR 

You’re welcome.