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We’re going to gush a little bit…

The Goldbergs is hilarious, the entire cast is great and it’s a weekly love letter to our city. Take a listen to our love letter about the show to it’s creator, Adam F. Goldberg:

“The nostalgia is so real and so raw, just by showing a toy or a poster on a wall people freak out!” Every week Adam’s Twitter timeline fills up with screen captures from the show as viewers will take the time to examine the details of the set and look for the authentic 1980’s item that means the most to them.

If for some reason you have not watched this show, here’s the premise: Adam Goldberg is a teenage boy obsessed with 1980’s pop culture and carrying around a video camera to document his crazy family. The kicker: it’s set in Jenkintown, PA which means his mother’s favorite store is Gimbels, brother Barry and his friends hang out in the Wawa parking lot and Adam’s dad refuses to stay to the end of any game at The Spectrum (unfortunately that means missing Hextall’s goal against the Bruins).

Now do you understand why we’re crazy about this show? Each week we are surprised by entire episodes dedicated to Revenge of the Nerds, “Double Dare”, Rush, Weird Science, Tron, “Batman” (Adam West) vs Batman (Michael Keaton) and countless other important details of our childhood. These days though, we get to reminisce about it together, as one big audience.

“In the 80’s there were no online groups, you were just lucky to find someone who had similar interests in movies and games. That was tough in Jenkintown” and that’s why tonight’s episode centers around Star Wars obsessed teenage Adam struggling with the dilemma of dating a Trekkie.

Congratulations on 100 episodes, Adam! Thank you for sharing the news that seasons 5 & 6 have already been ordered, we look forward to all the sentimental story lines you will bring to life… and maybe find a way to sneak in a nod 93.3 WMMR? Sorry, had to ask!