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While on a mini-East Coast tour, writer and director Kevin Smith stopped by the studio turning the 9 o’clock hour into “A Morning With Kevin Smith” chock full of great stories.

First one happened just yesterday at the Philly airport: a guy walked up and said “you’re not going to remember me…” Oh, but he did. It was Bruce Willis’ body double, Stuart Wilson, they worked together years ago on Cop Out – an experience the director admits is definitely not his favorite, but Stuart constantly saved the day.

“It’s weird to run into somebody who, for a very important chuck of time in your life, was the difference between order and chaos.”  

Speaking of Bruce, he’s been a big part of Kevin’s on stage show for years and may not even know it. The whole movie Cop Out was a debacle, no secret there, he talks about it all the time. BUT, there was a revelation, Bruce called out of the blue and Kevin’s recounting of the 20+ minute conversation is priceless, in a good way!

Do you know the real reason why Clerks was shot in black and white? It’s not the indie excuse he used for years, it was really a money saving shortcut and really the only option he had to make the film. “Damn lighting!”

That’s where the conversation got deep. Reflecting on Clerks (aka, the movie) and 23 years later encouraging his own daughter who wants to act and write, Kevin shared this fantastic advice:

People talk themselves out of really good ideas all the time. DON’T! Lean into it. Because the worst that can happen is that you fulfill a desire. I have two things that I say to myself whenever I’m at a point where something works or something doesn’t work.

  • #1 You wanted this. You changed the world and the universe and asked people to do things that they normally don’t do to get to this point. You have to appreciate it.
  • #2. What was the alternative? What would you do if not that? It would haunt you your whole life.

Whoa. Right on. Oh, then we immediately cleansed the pallet by talking about the 37 d**ks joke that he still references daily.

All that and we hadn’t even talked about Marvel yet!  Kevin was kind enough to stay through the commercial break, but the moment the “On Air” light dimmed he started freaking out about Thor, “I came home from the premiere and told my daughter that until tonight you were the best thing that ever happened to me.” You have to click on the interview above to hear all of his theories about the 80’s neon spectacle that is Guardians of the Galaxy and the fate of Loki.

Don’t miss Kevin in town this weekend at Punchline Philly

Enjoy your magical P&S Yeti Cup, Mr. Smith, and please come back to visit soon.