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Jacky Bam Bam

Weeknights 7:00PM - Midnight

For months there has been a note sitting in the morning show office that read “Bam Bam / Bang Bang.” What does it mean? Well, Preston Elliot, who is notorious for turning anything into a song, figured out that Jacky’s name fits perfectly into the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme

“Jacky Bam Bam, Jacky, Jacky  Bam Bam” 

Whoa! Once he met Not Your Average Listener,  Kim Graf, Preston knew how to make his little ditty come to life. He commissioned Kim, fiancee Greg Offner & friend Julia Young to create this masterpiece:

Uh, expect to hear that every night on Jacky Bam Bam‘s show!!

And the gifts don’t end there, this one was created just for Caseyboy but too good not to share:

Kim & Greg work for Classic Singing Telegram, be like Preston and hire them to surprise someone YOU love! Check out their array of experiences: