Eddie Alvarez: Little busted up, still recovering, but HAPPY

Critics are calling Eddie Alvarez's bout with Justin Gaethje the "fight of the year" and no one - around here at least - is disagreeing. At 3:59 into Round 3 The Underground King looked like he had an entire Giant Gobstopper stuffed into his cheek, but that didn't stop him from launching a knee to Gaethje's face securing a TKO victory and a new [self-proclaimed] title: Violent Champion of the World.

Congrats to @ealvarezfight on the W last night. It was a absolute war like expected. @justin_gaethje always putting on amazing performances and takes so many risks. Idk who else could of taken that punishment other then Alvarez. It would be curious to see how the fight would of played out if it was 5 rounds. The leg kick attack by gaethje is unreal in 3 round fights it takes its toll on his opposition so quickly. Alvarez a true warrior able to to eat punishment and give it back getting the finish. Much respect to both fighters. Idk how Alvarez can still take this much punishment but he keeps on proving me wrong. #mma #mmafans #mmanews #mmatraining #mmatalk #fightfans #fighttalk #lightweight #lightweightdivision #eddiealvarez #justingaethje #eddiealvarez #ufc #ufc218 #detroit #ufcdetroit #warriors #battle #tko #knockout #mixedmartialarts #wrestling #kickboxing #boxing #blood #fitness #motivation

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Eddie talked to us about the mind games he used to overpower Gaethje, hospital drama after the fight (don't mess his wife), quick recovery time (I'm like a ninja, I heal), picking the most dangerous competitors and and what's next with only one fight left on this UFC contract (don't worry, he's not going anywhere). Take a listen: 


So what does The Most Violent Man in the UFC look like fresh out of The Octagon? Pretty damn good, like a champ should: