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This family is in desperate need of YOUR help.

Due to an illness that required multiple surgeries and a lot of missed time at work, they fell behind on rent and are now being evicted from their home. She is back to work, but they are struggling to catch up on rent and other bills that fell behind during the loss of income. The landlord has no desire to work anything out. The eviction process is now in motion giving them about 20 days to leave. This is a family with 3 kids and older pets. Please consider donating to this family to help them secure a home to live in. Even small donations ($10, $20…) can add up quickly and help to keep this family from being homeless this winter. They do not have family to turn to and do not qualify for assistance because they are over the income guidelines. They are trying to gather money but NEED a helping hand. They are out of options other than to hope for the kindness of strangers this holiday season. Thank you!

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