The totals are in! Camp Out for Hunger 2017 collected...

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Totals listed below, but first... 

We're sharing Pierre Robert's speech from the last day of the broadcast because, well, he said it all:

            I wanted to use the word “Cares” this week because the simple fact of the matter is, if no one cared, this couldn’t happen. This amazing structure, which began all those years ago with the vision of these two guys, going “Let’s get a beat up camper and an oil barrel that we’ll put a fire in to keep us warm and see if we could raise a few pounds”. Now, it’s the twentieth Preston and Steve Camp Out for Hunger, and we’ve raised a few pounds alright, and it wouldn’t happen without caring.
Certainly, ya ’know, the great corporate sponsors, and the volunteers and all the folks that had been acknowledged before, but I would particularly like to acknowledge you, our audience, and those who might be listening around the rest of the Delaware Valley or maybe even around the country or the world as many do. We’re blessed at MMR to share your lives, and thanks to your caring come April 29th, this radio station will be 50 years old. That’s an amazing feat for a rock ‘n’ roll radio station. There are very few of them left up alive, standing, and well. And we are alive and well but again, that’s thanks to your friendship and support.
We’re all so blessed that we get to share your lives. I get phone calls from a funeral procession, but also from a delivery room. We’re lucky enough to share the cycle of your life and births and deaths and marriages, and divorces, and graduations. Good things and bad. I know personally, for a lot of folks, it’s been a rough year. Been a rough year in the world, been a rough year in the rock world, and in these tough times, whether it be division or environmental degradation, or senseless violence or just people not getting along, what’s the one thing that can unite everybody even if you don’t disagree or even like somebody?
 What’s the one thing that can unite somebody besides music, which I would put as the very number one. The one thing that unites people is that even if we don’t agree with someone; we don’t want someone to be hungry. We don’t want someone to be without, and there’s a lot of people that are without that fall through the cracks, and that’s what this is all about. And how do you make a difference? And how do you care? It starts with a vision but imagine a dark room, and you go “how can we ever light this room?”
Well, if one person walks in with a candle, and another with a candle and a few more with a candle here and there, eventually, that whole room feels that light. That’s where I bring it back to these guys again, because Kathy, Casey, Nick, and Marisa, the amazing team that supports Preston and Steve, have this vision that started with these two guys and their amazing, wonderful, universe that has had this vision of lighting up this town, this hunger situation that has been so prevalent, and is not going away. Here’s the deal, I would contend that you guys have saved lives. I think there are people that are alive in this city right now as a result of this food drive.
 So, I salute Preston and Steve. I salute you for keeping people alive. I love you guys so much. I respect you so much, and here’s to an amazing twentieth anniversary Camp Out for Hunger. You absolutely rock. 


Camp Out for Hunger 2017 by the numbers:

  • Total pounds: 1,679,823 pounds – that’s over 839 TONS of food!
    • (last year: 1,367,384 pounds ---- 683 tons)
    • Note: 1 pound = 1 meal
  • Monetary: $272,683
    • Note: $1 = 2 meals TOTAL MEALS: over 2.2 Million Meals

Largest contribution (by weight) by a business / group:

  • 1st place: A Live Broadcast from Preston and Steve at your place of business: Subaru of America – 471,375 pounds - (2016: 422,647)
  • 2nd: Pierre Live Broadcast: Campbell’s Soup – 109,522 pounds - (2016: 56,383)
  • 3rd: $20,000 Q1 Ad Schedule on MMR: Fred Beans – 87,468 pounds (2016: 65,331)

Largest Individual Donation (by weight) Each Day:

  • Monday: Record Service for a year from Warner Brothers Records (all their CD Releases for 2018).. AND a Klipsch R-15PM Powered Turntable System from our friends at World Wide Stereo- in Ardmore and Montgomeryville.
    • Winner: Patrick Doherty – 3,201 pounds
  • Tuesday: The Ultimate Car Care Package from United Tire and Service -  Including oil change, state emissions, 16 point safety check and $400 towards the purchase of 4 tires.
    • Winner: Paul Rovinsky – 402 pounds
  • Wednesday: Compliments of KDI Office Technology:
    • 1st place: 1 foursome to each of these 3 Ron Jaworksi golf courses - Blue Heron Pine’s Golf Club, Running Deer Golf Club, and Riverwinds Golf & Tennis.
      • Winner: Adam Resnick – 8,833 pounds
    • 2nd place: 1 foursome to each of these 3 Ron Jaworksi golf courses - Valley Brook CC, Downingtown CC, and Ramblewood CC.
      • Winner: Harry Downey – 5,328 pounds
  • Thursday: A 4-pack of tickets for the Flyers/Devils game on February 13th, with a Press Box and Radio Booth Tour.
    • Winner: William Kraenbring – 1,512 pounds

Thank you to our numerous sponsors & partners - full list HERE

Few more highlights:

  • Jaxon's Jeep club: 31,532 lbs
  • Porsche club: 83,794 lbs

Thanks also to our friend, Victor Fiorillo, who wrote this article for Philadelphia Magazine:

"Philly DJs Collect 839 Tons of Food by Sitting on Their Butts for a Week" -
- "Banner f—ing year!" says Preston & Steve co-host Preston Elliot.

Victor Fiorillo on Twitter

Philly DJs collect 839 TONS of food by sitting on their butts in South Philly for a week. @prestonelliot @PrestonSteve933 @phillymag @stevemorrison

Here are just a few more Thank You's!


Here's a list of businesses in our on-site donation weight book (individuals below that): 


Cub Scout Pack 252

Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue & Peen Ridge Animal Hospital

Piazza Honda Springfield


Mazars USA LLP

Chris’s Pressure Wash LLC


Corvette Club

Juniata College

Accenture (Berwyn Office)

Crossfit 2Street

Temple ROTC

Victory Brewing &Friends


Benchmark and Friends

Norriton Fire and Engine Company


Customers Bank


Philly Mini

Circus Rejects

Bergman Associates

Orangewood Park Apartments

Hand and Stone Massage

HR Dept Dharma Company


Schiffer Publishing

Sikorsky Engineering

Health Advocate

6 B’s (Bike Club)

DNF Trucking

Children Dentistry of Trappe

US Cort of Appeals

Center for Student Learning


Rush Order Tees Dot Com

Bradley Construction

Comcast Tax Dept

Synergy Hospitality

Bank of NY Mellon


LLR Partners

Hoeganaes Corporation


Double Tree (Phila/ VF)

Nightingale Reality


CHOP Radiology Dept


Tinicum Swim Clib

Atlantic County 4H Equine Rescue Horse Club


Fred Beans

Cal Atlantic Homes


Burns White

Point Pleasant Tree Service

ORS Partners


Excel South

Navy Yard

Comm Academy of Philadelphia

Urban Outfitters

MEC Sports Philly


Rudolph Clarke LLC

Galfand Berger

Mayfair Fence

Premier Ortho

List of Individual Donors from the on-site weight book:

Sara Mc Clintock

Ruth Forbes

Patrick Doherty

Josh and Paul

Tom Williamson

Juanita Warikis

Keller Williams

Dan Emana

Chris Byrne

Dina Stanton

Harry Downey

Adam Resnick

Chris Schultz

Joe Mckeller

Samantha Moyer

William Kraenbring

Anna Marks

Matt Hartley

Joe Fraatz

Brandon and Sarah Watson

Thomas Dragani

Mike Krempel

John McLaughin

Mark and Wendy Bloome