5yr Anniversary of the Nacho Cannon (FAIL?)

Was it an actual FAIL or does it belong in the P&S Stunt Hall of Fame?

Flashback to December 2012: The Chowder Cannon from Camp Out for Hunger 2011 was so successful we decided to bring it back, but this time step it up a notch. Oh.

So, what's funnier than Clam Chowder or Chili? Nacho Cheese. We also learned from the year before to improve the torque of the cannon and give ourselves extra time for set up (important details for later)

Marc Summers' bulls eye shot with the Chili confirmed that guest shooters are fun too - and take a little responsibility off of us. Luckily comedian Hal Sparks was was happy to step up:

Im about to fire a Nacho Cannon... Yes really @PrestonSteve933

336 Likes, 11 Comments - Hal Sparks (@halsparks) on Instagram: "Im about to fire a Nacho Cannon... Yes really @PrestonSteve933"


All that prep, what could go wrong? Everything. Just watch:

Nacho Cannon From Different Angles

Preston & Steve fire a Nacho Cannon at their intern "The Pitchuation." With different angles from listeners Brian Mclean, shiftyd3signs, PugLuva527, & billc123. Preston and Steve on 93.3 WMMR http://www.PrestonAndSteve.com http://www.WMMR.com


Remember when we mentioned getting ready in advance? Well, all that time in the cannon allowed time for the melted cheese to coagulate into a spicy, solid projectile. And poor Pitch. He was checked out and given a clean bill of health, just a little shaken up from the incident.

Once Pitch, aka Intern Rich Liebig, was laughing about the whole situation we knew it would go down in P&S History as one of the greatest stunts EVER... that will never be recreated ever again.


Long live the Camp Out for Hunger 2012 Nacho Cannon!

jesse blade on Twitter

@mor100 - "We are here to murder interns and raise food for the hungry" #Campout @PrestonSteve933

Angela Perfetto on Twitter

I was so creative @ 12:00 last night.Poor @RichLiebig. I had 2 capture the stunned faces! @CaseyboyWMMR @NickMcIlwain1


Coincidentally, Hal is at Helium Comedy  Club this weekend, go see him and order nachos in Pitch's honor.

And check out the 2017 Camp Out for Hunger totals, thanks to your generosity we broke records and helped a lot of people