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Overnight, Stormy the Cow escaped from the live nativity at Old First Reformed United Church of Christ in Old City and made her way onto I-95 southbound near Callowhill Street according to 6ABC.

The Philadelphia & PA State Police used their cruisers to box her in on the highway and eventually lead her home.

Four hours later she was back roaming the streets. The pastor of the church tried his best hold Stormy back, but she had other plans.

Somehow, the bovine made her way to the top floor of an Old City parking garage.

Philly PD’s new “Livestock Division” was on the scene.

Within the hour Stormy was back in lock down:


Visit Stormy and her friends at Old First Reformed United Church of Christ at 4th & Race this Sunday for the Cookies & Cocoa at the Creche event (info via Facebook)

Old First Reformed UCC

Holy cow! The big mama Hereford cow, Stormy, is getting a lot of notice this year. People can't believe how big she is. Also, the people worried about the animals' welfare seem to be noticing more...