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Conveniently, Marisa Magnatta received an invitation to interview the cast of Father Figures in Los Angeles the same weekend the Birds were playing the Rams across town.

We all know what happened next. Our Ginger Angel went down.

Carson’s season was out the window and so were all of Marisa’s questions for Terry Bradshaw.  She desperately wanted to talk football… and the movie… so with some creative writing she managed to do both:

Interesting insights from the Football Hall of Famer about how Wentz’s reckless style of play caught up with him and how he sees the rest of the season playing out. Oh, and yes that is J.K. Simmons who was going toe-to-toe with Terry on the football analysis.

More about Father Figures: it stars Owen Wilson and Ed Helms as twins who have absolutely nothing in common accept a wonderful mother (Glenn Close) and a father they never met. After a rerun of “Law & Order: SVU” spoils the 40 yr old secret mom kept from the boys that their father is not dead, she just isn’t certain who he is – not what you want to hear from your mom by the way – the brothers embark on a road trip looking for the man they can call dad.

That’s where Terry and J.K. step in. Either man could have fathered the boys, it just takes creative questioning and really good math to figure out who it was. Along the journey the brothers encounter Katt Williams character. Is he a hitchhiker or a Guardian Angel? You’ll have to see the film for yourself to decide.


Father Figures opens December 22nd but a theater full of P&S listeners will get to see an advanced screening on Tuesday night. Tune in next week to win a spot.