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Remember that? They did what? How’d he get away with it? A look back at all the fun we had in 2017:


  • Cake Sploshing: A “friend” saw a fetish video featuring girls sitting on cakes. While this “friend” was not turned on he had find out if it did the trick for anyone else. Calendar Girl Melissa & listener Carson performed it live. Consensus: not sexy. [Photos]
  • Preston’s Nutella Beard: our valiant host leaned that hard way that he is allergic to hair dye, Kathy offered to try this new fad of mixing Nutella and condensed milk. Too bad he nearly drowned in dessert. It was not yummy.  [Video]


  • Ground Slob Day: In Punxsutawney the crowds gather at Gobbler’s Knob waiting for the groundhog’s shadow. In Bala Cynwyd, Knob Gobbler is where the slobnosticator (Gary Lauer) appears. [Video]
  • Iron Chi Chi Cook Off: Word on the street is: Prison food sucks. So inmates use supplies from the commissary to concoct a substitute meal nicknamed Chi Chi. We arranged a cook off between formerly incarcerated listeners judged by some of the finest chefs in town. [Photos & recipe guide]





  • Penny-farthing: Preston spotted someone riding an “olde tyme” bicycle with a big wheel in the front. The local Penny Farthing gang actually tried to teach us how to ride one.  [Photos] [Video]
  • Strip Honking: West River Drive vs Kelly Drive, which one has more P&S Listeners? Which one can get our Calendar Girls down to their skivvies first? [Video]
  • Belly Flop Championship: 3rd Annual event with guest judge, Cameron Rupp [Video] [Photos]



  • Send in the Clowns: We hypnotized listeners who are scared of clowns… then surprised them with the scariest clowns in the world [Photos]


  • Prickyard 500: Listeners brought in their own vibrators and raced them down our track for prizes [Video]
  • Chainsaw Wake Up Call: For the heaviest sleepers, who make their loved ones lives a living hell in the morning. Also our first failed Wake Up Call. [Video]