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Even the most confident man will turn into a blubbering mess in front of his very first TV crush. Leave it to the Impractical Jokers to exploit the hell out of that fact.

After we announced Danica McKellar’s birthday (January 3rd) and we were done drooling, Preston enlightened us to one of his all time favorite sketches: Sal, Q & Jay convinced Murr that he was participation in a building competition. Stripped down and oiled up he entered a private room and was greeted by the one and only Winnie Cooper:

Murr later recalled the prank with Channel Guide Magazine:

“You go through so many emotions because, on the one hand, I was incredibly proud of my friends for coming up with a twist that I just absolutely had never seen coming, right?,” he admits. “Then I was very proud of them, but I was absolutely mortified and in shock. I couldn’t believe that they actually got her there, or that she knew the show, or was a fan of the show. You know what I mean? Then it just got worse. They made me squat in front of her. It just became more and more physically embarrassing for me.”


Well played, gentlemen.