Fun "Scientific" Stuff To Do In The Cold!

So you're freezing your butt off and wanna pass the time with some fun activities? We're here to help!

We tried a few activities, and in true Preston & Steve Show fashion, most of them failed and/or were only marginally successful. Take a look:



Follow this how to guide:

1. Shoot boiling water into the air w/ Super Soakers (but please BE CAREFUL WITH THE BOILING WATER!):

Who needs a flame thrower when you’ve got an ice thrower instead? Fill a Super-Soaker with boiling water, then shoot it out into the cold. When very hot water meets very cold air, the water vaporizes, turning it into ice crystals — essentially, homemade snow. Generally this experiment only works when it’s below zero, so if you live in a place like Minnesota, you're good to go. You can also do it like we did, by boiling water in a pot and throwing that water into the air, but again, please be careful!

Minnesota Cold (Part 9) Shooting A Super Soaker in the Cold

Minnesota - It's so cold can squirt a Super Soaker water gun and the water vaporizes. Watch all of the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments:

Here's our slightly less successful version, in which we put some boiling water in a pot and tossed it into the air. SCIENCE!

Preston & Steve Show on Twitter

Turning boiling water into snow #SCIENCE

2. Freeze-fry an egg:

Should you actually eat it? Probably not. Unless you like raw frozen egg. But if you leave a frying pan outside for about fifteen minutes before cracking an egg into it, the results are something resembling breakfast. Gross? Yes. Cool? 100%!

3. Frozen Hair:

Minnesota Cold (Part 3) Frozen Hair

Minnesota - It's so cold that... your hair freezes if you don't dry it before going outside. I somehow talked my wife into helping me with this one. Watch all of the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments:

We tried to do this with our intern, Kali, and eventually, it worked. Sorta kinda...

4. Frozen trampoline (side note: this one only works if you have a trampoline):

Minnesota Cold (Part 13 - TAKE 1) Frozen Trampoline

Minnesota - It's so cold that... you can freeze your trampoline. Watch and subscribe all of the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments: This video was featured on the Weather Channel, Good Morning America, The Huffington Post, USA Today, and more. Special thanks to Steve Carlisle for helping shoot some of the video.

5. Blowing Frozen Bubbles. This one we didn't get to, but it still looks cool:

Minnesota Cold (Part 4) Blowing Frozen Bubbles

Minnesota - It's so cold that... bubbles freeze when you blow them outside. Watch all of the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments:


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