So you’re freezing your butt off and wanna pass the time with some fun activities? We’re here to help!

We tried a few activities, and in true Preston & Steve Show fashion, most of them failed and/or were only marginally successful. Take a look:



Follow this how to guide:

1. Shoot boiling water into the air w/ Super Soakers (but please BE CAREFUL WITH THE BOILING WATER!):

Who needs a flame thrower when you’ve got an ice thrower instead? Fill a Super-Soaker with boiling water, then shoot it out into the cold. When very hot water meets very cold air, the water vaporizes, turning it into ice crystals — essentially, homemade snow. Generally this experiment only works when it’s below zero, so if you live in a place like Minnesota, you’re good to go. You can also do it like we did, by boiling water in a pot and throwing that water into the air, but again, please be careful!

Here’s our slightly less successful version, in which we put some boiling water in a pot and tossed it into the air. SCIENCE!

2. Freeze-fry an egg:

Should you actually eat it? Probably not. Unless you like raw frozen egg. But if you leave a frying pan outside for about fifteen minutes before cracking an egg into it, the results are something resembling breakfast. Gross? Yes. Cool? 100%!

3. Frozen Hair:

We tried to do this with our intern, Kali, and eventually, it worked. Sorta kinda…

4. Frozen trampoline (side note: this one only works if you have a trampoline):

5. Blowing Frozen Bubbles. This one we didn’t get to, but it still looks cool:


[Via Gearjunkie & Bustle]

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