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Derrick won Big Brother 16 in 2014 and after the show ended, he wrote a book called “The Undercover Edge: Find Your Hidden Strengths, Learn to Adapt and Build the Confidence to Win Life’s Game”

Derrick stopped by Wednesday morning to chat about the book and because Steve was out sick, Nick McIlwain sat down with Derrick to chat about the book, being an undercover detective, and why people are still fascinated by O.J. Simpson murder trial. You can check out the Facebook Live video HERE:

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Things Nick is interested in learning: 1) Finding hidden strenghts 2) Learning to adapt 3) Winning life's game What a coincidence, Derrick Levasseur, Big Brother winner & author of 'The Undercover...

Thanks also to Kristen Herrmann of our sister station BEN-FM for co-hosting the interview with Nick!

Most of all, we send our thanks Derrick (who took the Red Eye in from LA to be on our show even though Steve was sick) for sitting down with us to chat about the book! You can follow Derrick on Twitter.

• Derrick is a decorated police sergeant from Central Falls, Rhode Island.

• Before he became a supervisor, he was assigned to the Investigative Division, where he spent three years as an undercover detective.

• He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in business management

• Starred in the Investigation Discovery hit-docuseries “Is OJ Innocent?:Missing Evidence

• The book can be found on Amazon, Sourcebooks, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million and Indie Bound

• He can be booked for public speaking events. Topics include communication, leadership development, team building and achieving goals. More information can be found on his website.

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