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Lot’s of people create tailgate games, the hard part is creating one that catches on.

Mike Silva has done that with QB54, the complete game of football built into 2 folding chairs. Need another reason to love it? Mike is a local Jersey guy who has dedicated all his free time to sharing this game around the country (he still has a regular job to pay the bills).

The game was featured on the ABC show, Funderdome, and is currently on the shelves in local Bed, Bath & Beyond stores. We won’t dwell on the fact that the Cowboys have a version of the game in their locker room (EH HEM, EAGLES!)

Check out our Instagram Stories for a look at Preston & Caseyboy trying the game in our studio

And guess what? Mike created a special for Preston & Steve Show listeners, use code: WMMR on to get 20% off any purchase.

We hope to see you guys playing in the parking lot of The Linc this Saturday. GO BIRDS!


PS, if the beautiful woman at the top of the page looks familiar, it’s because she is our Philly’s Hottest Snow Bunny! [flashback]