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Lieutenant Matthew LeTourneau, a 42 year old Philadelphia firefighter died in the line of duty in a house fire in North Philadelphia on 1/6/18. He was a beloved friend of Media Veterinary Hospital. Over the years, they partnered with Matt in providing medical care to cats rescued from house fires that he personally fostered and adopted. An 11-year veteran of the Philadelphia FD and a volunteer firefighter with Springfield Fire Company, Lt. LeTourneau was also actively involved in Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, a local non profit organization that helps pets displaced by house fires, building collapse, and other disasters. The team recovers pets from disasters, covers any medical costs they need, and provides safe housing until their owners have a new place of their own where they can be reunited.

To check out their main site, you can go here:

Following Lt. LeTourneau’s passing, a page was also set up, and although they are no longer accepting donations, you can learn more about their mission by visiting the page.

Check out what the fine folks at Red Paw do. Here’s a story about their efforts on Fox 29:


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