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Like all of the challenges that have circulated online, another has taken its toll and this one’s pretty dangerous. 

You may have missed that kids are now trying to eat  Tide Pods, chewing the packages and spitting out bubbles, or cooking them in frying pans. While you’d think there would be some sort of common sense in knowing this is dangerous, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had to release a warning that these products are toxic to humans.

In 2018 themselves, 37 reported cases with teenagers have resulted because of teens trying to eat these as a “challenge” they saw online. Symptoms include vomiting, breathing difficulties, loss of consciousness, and the death toll for this has reached 8 kids, according to The Washington Post.

With the challenge on the rise, some stores have taken charge, putting the pods in locked containers that can only be opened when purchased. A video was posted to Twitter, which is full of profanity, saying that this store has not only locked up Tide pods, but other pods as well.

Now users have been posting images to Twitter from all sorts of stores, showing that the products have been put under lock and key for safety purposes.



Seriously guys, where is your common sense?


Amy Cooper is one with the force and the force is with her. 

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