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While we were spending Monday breaking down highlights of the game, Beau Allen spent his off day viewing highlights of the fans. “I was watching videos all day of celebrations from Sunday night. I couldn’t get enough of that.” His favorite: the guy running through the subway. “I hope he’s alright.” (update: yes, he is!)

Now it’s back to work. We caught up with the Defensive Tackle on his way to meetings Tuesday morning. Take a listen:


On the brotherhood of this team: “It’s just about the closest locker room I’ve experienced in my time in the NFL and I think that really shows up on the field. You see guys that really care about each other and really want to play hard for each other and get excited together and get excited about making plays together… and I think people are starting to catch on to that.”

I had goosebumps at certain points during the game.

On the crowd Sunday night: “ That’s the most hyped I’ve ever seen The Linc – and that’s really saying something! As a Defensive player you appreciate that crowd noise and everything that goes into it. I think that’s made The Linc a hard place for opposing Offensives to play.”

Hats off to the fans, that was really an amazing atmosphere. It was really something special.

On playing a game at home: “It’s really special for me personally just because I’ve never played a game in Minnesota since I’ve been in the NFL. But, I think some people might be a little bitter just cause we beat the Vikings in the fashion we did… at The Linc… to go play the Super Bowl in Minnesota. So I think some people might be a little upset at me right now, but I don’t care.”