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On The P&S Show this morning, Defensive Tackle Beau Allen was excited to reveal that he spent his off day getting hyped on fan videos from the NFC Championship Game. Translation: he watched the guy hitting the subway pole over and over all day, “I hope he’s okay.” 

He is. Jigar Desai told Fox 29 “”I was a little bit sore when I woke up. My shoulder and chest and arm a little bit. Didn’t take it to the face which was a blessing.” He gives all credit for the extreme energy and resiliency to #20; ” I think when I put on that Dawkins jersey, I break out my inner Dawk and it gets me amped.”

It’s hard to believe after seeing this new angle. Aaron Smith was also on the platform heading to the game and started recording when his new buddy started getting amped up. In this angle you can see him bounce off the train after hitting the pole, but also jump up quickly and shake it off:

Aaron Smith

I recorded this video and they showed it on fox but they didn't asked to come on the morning show. But they asked the other two guys but not the brother. Soo sad. Boom


Both guys jumped on the next train and pre-gamed before heading into The Linc.

The extended version of the original video from the inside of the train has surfaced. The guy who recorded it told Fox 29 “This guy starts like banging on the walls. That’s when I started recording. I was like there’s something happening here.” No one expected what would happen next…