Happy 50th Birthday, Preston Elliot!

Some special birthday love for our fearless leader, the one and only Preston Elliot!

Hear from a few of your friends, near and far!

How about a sexy beast lifting weights by the pool? Sure! If that beast is Bert Kreischer:

Happy birthday @prestonelliot1 @prestonandsteveshow

66 Likes, 3 Comments - Bert Kreischer (@bertkreischer) on Instagram: "Happy birthday @prestonelliot1 @prestonandsteveshow"

Turning 50? That's just DISGUSTING! Comedian Tom Papa lets us know why:

Preston & Steve Show on Twitter

You know who's a busy guy? @tompapa. But he's not too busy to wish @prestonelliot a happy birthday. #PrestonTurns50 https://t.co/SqHgx8f1UJ

Comedy legend Frank Caliendo:

Frank Caliendo on Twitter

@prestonelliot, Happy 50th birthday! #tooEarlyToCombMyHair #karate @PrestonSteve933 @933WMMR https://t.co/AF6zhO2JXG

Comedian Jim Florentine wants Preston to make sure he takes his boner pills:

Preston & Steve Show on Twitter

@prestonelliot, it's time for black market d*ck pills... @Mrjimflorentine swears by 'em! #HappyBirthday #PrestonTurns50 https://t.co/TWdxWQOus1

We're pretty sure Doug Benson is in Las Vegas, although Doug might not be 100% sure:

Preston & Steve Show on Twitter

Know what's better than a birthday message from @DougBenson? A birthday message on wee-eeeeeeeeeed! @prestonelliot #PrestonTurns50 https://t.co/gzlUiBYNt5

It's always great to hear from the Margera family:

Preston & Steve Show on Twitter

Happy birthday @prestonelliot! Love, April Margera https://t.co/eSioObOW7r

From Cecily Tynan, Ducis Rogers and Rick Williams at 6ABC:

Cecily Tynan on Twitter

Hey, @prestonelliot , it's your big 50!!!! @duciswild , @rickwilliams6 & all of us at @6abc wish you a big, fat #HappyBirthday I hope they spoil you silly at @PrestonSteve933 #YouRock #50IsTheNew20 https://t.co/i3RLHfCqmC

From our buddy and actress, Kate Flannery:

Kate Flannery on Twitter

Happy Birthday to one of my two favorite Philadelphia radio personalities. @prestonelliot of @PrestonSteve933 You are awesome! #GoEagles https://t.co/m970Ju7HYP

From Keith Jones at NBC 10:

Keith Jones on Twitter

Happy 50th Birthday, @prestonelliot! @PrestonSteve933 https://t.co/8kaDUeriNI

From Tracy Davidson and Vai Sikahema at NBC 10:

Huge shout out and Happy Birthday wish to our dear friend @prestonelliot1 @prestonandsteveshow @933wmmr You're only getting better with every decade! #happybirthday @vaisikahema

4 Likes, 1 Comments - Tracy Davidson (@tracydavidsonnbc10) on Instagram: "Huge shout out and Happy Birthday wish to our dear friend @prestonelliot1 @prestonandsteveshow..."

Tracy is so nice, she posted twice!

Tracy Davidson on Twitter

Sending a special "Happy Birthday" wish to @prestonelliot Welcome to the next decade. Big hug. @933WMMR @PrestonSteve933

Happy Birthday from Matt O'Donnell, Nydia Han and Karen Rogers from 6ABC:

Happy 50th birthday @prestonelliot1 !!! I made you a video present... @prestonandsteveshow

11 Likes, 1 Comments - Matt O'Donnell (@themattodonnell) on Instagram: "Happy 50th birthday @prestonelliot1 !!! I made you a video present... @prestonandsteveshow"

From Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick at Fox 29:

Happy Birthday Preston! #wmmrrocks #wmmrphilly #wmmrprestonandsteve

21 Likes, 2 Comments - Mike Jerrick (@mikejerrick) on Instagram: "Happy Birthday Preston! #wmmrrocks #wmmrphilly #wmmrprestonandsteve"

From Connor Barwin, a once and future Eagle:

Preston & Steve Show on Twitter

@ConnorBarwin98 sent birthday wishes for @prestonelliot PLUS a message for @Eagles Fans everywhere!! https://t.co/JYowW9wP65

From Jenn Frederick at Fox 29:

jenn frederick on Twitter

Hey there @prestonelliot HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY. @PrestonSteve933 GO EAGLES !! (Legally required to end each tweet with that until 2/4) https://t.co/nEsbTxuOsN

HUGE thanks to the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and Sixers for sending over these #50 jerseys and "Elliot" on the back... They look GREAT!!!

Thanks also to our friend Sarah, aka the Saucy Little Redhead, who made this awesome birthday cake for Preston!

Sarah Antonowski on Twitter

Happy Birthday @prestonelliot ! You rock!!! ???? #recordplayercake @PrestonSteve933

Hey, thanks so much Collegeville Bakery, this is GREAT!!

Collegeville Bakery on Twitter

Happy Birthday, @prestonelliot! We hope you have a wonderful birthday and a year filled with health and happiness! @933WMMR @PrestonSteve933

So how did Preston celebrate the last night in his 40's? With a nice glass Makers 46 before bed, of course!

Crawling in to bed on the last night of my 40's. May as well end it with a Makers 46 since the don't make a 49.

3,411 Likes, 255 Comments - Preston elliot (@prestonelliot1) on Instagram: "Crawling in to bed on the last night of my 40's. May as well end it with a Makers 46 since the..."