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Who Are Cable's Henchmen In 'Deadpool 2?'

The internet is the best super sleuth.

If you've been picking apart all the Marvel trailers recently, you may have already figured this one out. The internet was looking to find out who will be playing Cable's Henchmen. Josh Brolin will be saddled with Shatterstar and Chamber, two mutants that reside in that vague grey area that is the X-Men universe, but as the interweb fan base tend to do - they wanted to find out WHO they were in real life.

Turns out, they're not strangers at all.

The actor to play Chamber has already had his own hit in the last 12 months, playing Pennywise in Stephen King's 'IT' remake. That's right, Bill Skarsgård.

Merry Christopher M on Twitter

Looks like @DavidMLeitch is using a bunch of his ATOMIC BLONDE actors for DEADPOOL 2. @eddiemarsan was already revealed and it looks like one of the unknown mutants is indeed his co-star Bill Skarsgård.


You can't deny that full set of lips.

Next, would be

The second, which Complex sleuthed out via Tweets was Lewis Tan, who is an actor and amateur boxer aside from now being a mutant.

The main key to finding the actors was looking to David Leitch's Atomic Blonde movie.


Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds recently wished Brolin a Happy Birthday, in the best way he knew how: Deadpool style AKA Trolling.

Ryan Reynolds on Twitter

Painting you like one of my French girls. Happy Birthday #JoshBrolin


Ahhh, can't wait for more snark that is the man in the red suit with a whole lot of swearing.


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