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Is Texan Matthew McConaughey is an Eagles fan? Alright, alright, alright!

Alright, alright, alright... The Supercut! Over and over. And over. Alright? Over and over...

A few days after Nick Foles led the Eagles to their first ever Super Bowl win, fellow Austin, Texas native, Matthew McConaughey took out a full-page ad in the Austin American-Statesman to acknowledge Foles for his accomplishment. "From one local to another, Congratulations Nick Foles. just keep livin, Matthew McConaughey":

So yeah, maybe Matthew isn't exactly an Eagles fan, but it was classy of him to take out this ad and to congratulate Nick. And sure, the Eagles winning the Super Bowl is likely the greatest moment in Philadelphia Sports History. Therefore, what better way to celebrate than by watching this Super Cut (see what we did there?) of McConaughey saying his catch phrase, "Alright alright alright", in dozens of roles over nearly 30 years of acting! That might be a stretch. There's pretty much no connection between this video and the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. But it IS funny, so enjoy!

Matthew McConaughey Says "Alright" - (Complete)

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