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PHILADELPHIA, PA - FEBRUARY 08: Center Jason Kelce speaks at a ceremony honoring the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win on February 8, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Awesome work by Tish Maya Huddle, who posted this video with the message:“After hearing Kelce’s speech today I knew I just had to put his words to video. Loves this damn team. #FlyEaglesFly Champions! Hungry. Dogs. Run. Faster.” 

Hungry Dogs Run Faster

After hearing Jason's speech at the parade I just knew a video like this needed to be made. My way of saying thanks to our boys in green. Republishing on my primary account so feel free to share. All credit goes to Eagles film, NFL films, NBC, Fox, and Explosions in the Sky's song "Never, Never, Never GIve up".

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And if, by some miracle, you somehow missed Jason Kelce‘s speech last week at the Super Bowl Parade, here you go! (Language NSFW)

Jason Kelce calls out Eagles haters in an epic Super Bowl parade speech | ESPN

In front of a roaring crowd at the Super Bowl parade, Philadelphia Eagles veteran Jason Kelce scorches all of the people who doubted his underdog team.

PS This highlight video is so good, it’s Nick McIlwain approved!