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From Marisa:  You will hear me say this in every interview – because it’s 100% true – Game Night is freaking hilarious! It follows a group of friends who meet up weekly at one couple’s house to play board games. It’s all well and good until one person takes it too far with a murder mystery night that starts with an real murder attempt. 

The anchor of the movie is the one and only Jason Bateman (reason # 1 of thousands as to why it’s so funny). He has been one of my favorite actors for a long time, you’ll learn exactly why in the video below. I have had the opportunity to do dozens of interviews like this but never have I been starstruck like this… 

Did you know that Quizzo is a regional term? No one had any idea what I was talking about:

Fill in the blank: Everybody in the club ________

“Philadelphia won and they went MENTAL…”

Kyle Chandler is very, very, very competitive:


Game Night opens on February 23rd. Grab a group of friends and go see it!