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The Go-Go’s made history in the early 80s as the first all-female band that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments to top the Billboard album charts. On August 31st, 1981, the band played a show at Emerald City in Cherry Hill, NJ, which was broadcast on Michael Tearson’s Gorilla Theater show and hosted by overnight DJ Tom Robinson, aka Nighthawk. The Go-Go’s debut album, Beauty And The Beat, had just come out a few months prior, and “We Got The Beat” was the song of the summer. This version comes from the vinyl release of MMR’s broadcast, so if you hear a few crackles and pops, it’s not your speakers – it’s the bona fide LP experience!

The Go-Go’s with MMR staff in 1981. L-R: Pierre Robert, Mel Zucker, Gina Schock, Joe Bonadonna, Tom Sheehy, Belinda Carlisle, Charlie Kendall, Kevin Gunn