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Ya’ll really care about Kathy, it’s super sweet! We noticed each and every message of love and well wishes left on this Instagram Post from Sunday afternoon that showed her sporting a sporty, color coordinated outfit and new set of crutches.

Here is a follow up as to what exactly happened to Ms. Romano’s left foot:

In short, it’s a workout injury. Don’t really know exactly what happened. I was doing jumping lunges and felt a little something.  But nothing that made me stop working out. I felt fine finishing my workout and for the next 36 hours. My foot was a little sore but again no big deal. Then in the middle of the night the pain set in and I wasn’t able to put any weight on my left foot for 3 days.  Fortunately, X-ray shows no broken bones!!  I’m still limping but can put a little weight on it now. Although I don’t know exactly what happened I suspect my sneakers played a part in my injury.  I was wearing the extremely light weight running sneakers and should have been wearing a sneaker that gives more support for different types of workouts.  Thanks for all the thoughtful messages.  Overall, its just a bit of an inconvenience and will be fine shortly! Thanks again! 


Glad you’re going to be okay, Kathy!