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Some wedding parties plan their grand entrance into the reception months in advance. Most come up with something while they’re being wrangled outside the doors after cocktail hour.

These bridesmaids and groomsmen waited their whole lives for this one:

FOX 29

PHILLY SPECIAL! When Stephanie and Todd Cummings first greeted their wedding reception guests, they came out in style - recreating the Philly Special on the dance floor. ???????? VIDEO: Nicole Werynski


UPDATE: Almost instantly after posting this video on Facebook and Twitter the groom – Todd Cummings – his twin sister, cousin &  friends all reached out, super excited that we shared their special moment.

The Philly Special part deux happened at the wedding of Stephanie & Todd Cummings, March 17 at Spring Mill Manor, Ivyland, PA.

Groomsmen running the play are Tim Waring and Greg Georges, Bridesmaids are Nicole Werynski and Tricia Punyko. 

Looks like you guys had a great time. Congratulations to Stephanie and Todd!  GO BIRDS