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Just when you thought The Last Jedi couldn’t get any better, enter the genius mind of Nick Murphy. He perfectly matched up a bunch of random songs to his favorite scene.

*btw if you have’t seen The Last Jedi yet, this is a major spoiler. You may now proceed.*


Kickass Zeppelin track to kickoff this journey:


You can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop:


For that retro gamer vibe: 


Like YEAH!: 


This Space Jam mashup just makes sense:


They all started grooving, yeah, yeah  (yeah, yeah, YEAH!):


Step into the spotlight, KRen:


Smashing Pumpkins matches up perfectly:


Add this Van Halen song on your Light Saber Training playlist:


90’s Alt-Pop? Yes, please:


And 90’s TV Show theme songs?  Rachel did dress up like Leia once…


Katy Perry makes everything better: 


Shake it off, boys:


Sugar, we’re going down swinging:


*Steve Carell voice* Ohhhh, KELLY CLARKSON:


Bad. Ass. Chicks.


Don’t Panic!


Want more Van Halen? We got you:


Soothing Yacht Rock: 


And we leave you with this 80’s classic: