Thank You for Live Tweeting Preston's Episode of Trading Spaces

In 2004 Preston Elliot and his wife, Rachelle were chosen to be compete on "Trading Spaces" and the whole morning show moved to his neighbor's house while the show was being filmed.

Quick review: On "Trading Spaces" two sets of neighbors traded houses and redecorated one room in other's home. They were given two days and $1,000 to finish the project.

To get ready for the premiere of the 2018 re-boot, TLC ran a marathon of old episodes. First up? Philadelphia. And our notifications exploded:

*This was filmed during the time we've affectionately dubbed "Fat Preston Years." We are all aware of the amazing transformation our host has made, please keep the comments to yourself*

Casey Boy on Twitter

The @prestonelliot episode of @TLC Trading Spaces will air at 1pm TODAY!!!

Issa on Twitter

@prestonelliot @PrestonSteve933 TLC today at 1!!! We get to relive Preston's shrapnel kitchen.

Preston Elliot on Twitter

@CaseyBoyCasey @TLC Get ready for Fat Preston!!!!

Cart Stay on Twitter

@PrestonSteve933 Does this look familiar?

Patty's Pipes on Twitter

All the proof you need that you can improve with age! You guys ALL ROCK! @prestonelliot @933WMMR @PrestonSteve933 #tradingspaces @TLC Can't wait for tonight!

RibelleGS on Twitter

@prestonelliot. Binge watching old episodes of Trading Spaces found accidentally while perusing Guide. First up? Philly from 10/2004. More eps and Countdown to New Season; then first episode of new season with all the same people. I think this may be just what America needs.


Jaime de Sa on Twitter

@933WMMR @PrestonSteve933 @prestonelliot @mor100 @kathyromano11 @NickMcIlwain1 @CaseyBoyCasey @MarisaMagnatta Look who was on TV yesterday!

Nod to our amazing crew of WMMR who dream of the days of simple broadcasts (if you've ever come out to see the Preston & Steve Show outside the studio, you know our set ups have grown A LOT since these days. Sorry guys!)

Todd on Twitter

@CaseyBoyCasey @prestonelliot @TLC Let's do Camp Out like this this year, right @EricWSimon @Brodrod? Haha.