Submit Trivia Questions for Delco vs. BucksCo 2018

Delco vs. BucksCo is back and we want your help to make this the ultimate rematch! 

We're inviting the residents of Bucks and Delaware County to submit questions for the trivia portion of this year's competition. The topic can be anything that 1) pertains to the county directly and 2) would be common knowledge to someone who has pride in their town.

Send your question & answer to:

*Please fact check before sending*

Idea starters: landmarks, schools, businesses, local notables, history, events


If you are not familiar with the orginal Delco vs. BucksCo Showdown or just want to relive it again, check out the video:

Delco vs. Bucks Co - Preston & Steve's Daily Rush

Casey & Kathy face off to see who knows their county better. Preston and Steve on 93.3 WMMR