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Starbucks hasn’t been doing well press wise as of late. 

The location in question was in Atlanta, Georgia, and the camera was found, according to Hot New Hip Hop, taped under a baby changing station.

According to the police report, there were 25 videos on the camera, which was about an hour’s worth of footage.

“We’ve learned that the device had about an hours worth of recorded video on it and detectives found 8 to 10 men and women videotaped while in that restroom,” an officer told Fox 5. “A lot of it was men using the urinal so they were from the back but there were a few images of women using the toilet, but nothing was clear enough to identify a private area. We do know none of the victims were children.”

This comes on the tail end of Philadelphia’s incident where two men were arrested for “loitering” of sorts, but they were only called on by the Police because of their race. Since then, CEO Kevin Johnson has announced that Starbucks will close all locations on May 29, a weekday, to provide racial bias education to all of it’s U.S. employees.


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