Brent Porche

Late Nights Midnight - 5:30AM

Tool fans were treated to a new track and an announcement launching their month long Music Clinic Tour:


ON SALE NOW!!! May 11: St. Paul, MN May 14: Chicago, IL

Fans were slightly confused about the what the Music Clinic entailed, so the band took to Facebook to share exactly what they are planning this to be and how the audience has an opportunity to make it even better! It’s described as”

 A rare immersive dissection and performance with DANNY CAREY, JUSTIN CHANCELLOR & ADAM JONES,” here’s your chance to gain insight as to how the Tool machine works. Just about everything’s on the table: methods and processes behind the writing and arranging of their critically acclaimed albums, individual vision that goes into the overall mix of things, artistic and philosophical concepts behind their distinctive stage projections, videos, etc., as well as their thoughts on the current recording process. But, you’ve got the green light to change things up – questions need not be of a technical nature; ask about their personal musical preferences and other subjects of interest. Believe me, they are varied!

So, while you are there – seize the moment. Connect. Interact. Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned musician… or just someone who appreciates the band members and wants to know what makes them tick. Ask that one question that you never thought you’ve have the chance to. Intermingle like you’re backstage. Chat with Tool about anything now that you will be among the very few people that ever have the opportunity to do so

Tool Music Clinic – The Fillmore Philadelphia – Wednesday, May 23 – Tickets