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When Sarah Bloomquist visited the Sulock Family home in Burlhome to share Tim’s story, he asked that she include Preston & Steve in her social media posts so we could get the word out… YOU GOT IT BROTHER!

31-year-old Tim Sulock, suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and his mom Donna relies on their specially-equipped van to get him around to doctors appointments (and Flyers games!)

The van was stolen from their driveway Sunday morning leaving Tim with no way to get around. The family has started a GoFundMe page in hopes that “Philadelphia can come together and show Tim that we really are the city of brotherly love!!!”

Click here to donate to Timmy’s Fund:

According to the TIMMY’S VAN FUND Page:

As most of you know already Tim’s handicap accessible van was stolen in the middle of the night this past Sunday.  This is Tim’s only source of transportation. We all know how important it is for Tim to be able to get to his Doctor appointments and anywhere else he needs to travel too. His doctor visits are extremely important in order to keep him healthy. 

Tim has had a very rough road for the past year. We almost lost him last June, but the doctors and nurses  at Jeans Hospital slowly nursed him back to health. It was a very long and stressful 6 months for all of us. We spent 4 months being told he was coming home time after time and each time he had some type of major setback and was unable to come home. Finally after 6 month of being away from us he came home. Then came the trouble with his health insurance. We went through hell because the state kicked him off of the insurance and we spent countless hours on the phone and computer trying to get it fixed. That took 3 months, and we had to self pay for everything he needed. It was an absolute nightmare!!! Finally the insurance was straightened out and all seemed to be going good, and then this happens. If anyone knew my dad, they know how important Tim’s van was to him. He always put Tim first and wanted him to have the best and safest transportation to get around. A wheelchair accessible Van is something that cost a great deal of money and if the van is not found, I’m sure the insurance will not being paying much, since it was a 2003.  We are asking for help so that we can purchase another Van for Tim. 

Everyone knows what a special person Tim is. He is kind to everyone and loves so freely. Let’s help him out, so he can get around and stay healthy for many more years to come.

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