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Calendar Girl and MMaRmy All-Star, Rachael, is a super Star Wars Geek  so she was stoked to spend the morning on the webcam putting together a LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Kessel Run Playset. [WATCH ]


Here’s the best part…

You have the chance to WIN a new LEGO Millennium Falcon (value $170) just by guessing the exact time you believe she will complete the playset.

This contest is over… Rachael tried her hardest, but it was a FAIL! 

To Enter:  Text SOLO (space) and the time to 39333

  • example: SOLO 9:33am
  • one random text who guess the right time will win!
  • think she will not finish before the end of the show? Text: SOLO FAIL  

The prize is courtesy of  SOLO:  A STAR WARS STORY – opening MAY 25th! 

WMMR Contest Rules